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Words & Colors

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Welcome to ‘Words & Colors’, a Multifandom Community for Fanart, Fanfiction, Graphics, and Original Work.

General info:
- Fanfiction, original fiction, fanart, graphics, and original art are all allowed.
- Icon Makers are more than welcome.
- All ratings are allowed. (but, please, have in mind LJ TOS)
- Any fandom is allowed.
- Any length/size of fic/art is allowed. WIP works are allowed too.
- Explicit material is allowed but please give a warning beforehand.

- Your story/art must be behind a cut or under a link.
- Don't flame, if you'd like to comment then please use constructive criticism.
- People may post what they like, if you don't like the fandom/pairing/character then just keep quiet about it.
- If you're posting Art and/or Writing, please use a template.


Everybory is allowed to friend/join the comm. Are you a writer/artist? Please comment to this post. There, you will receive a tag with your username- and will get acess to post. :)

About tags:
Please, use the correct the tags (rating, fandom, pairing, original work...) If you are not sure which tag to use, here it is the tag list. However, I know that some pairings/fandoms might not be in the list. If so, please, ask for a tag HERE


HEAD: “Title of the Fic/Art”, [Fandom], [Pairing], [Rating]
< b>Title:< /b>
< b>author/artist :< /b>
< b>Chapter:< /b>
< b>Genre:< /b>
< b>Fandom:< /b>
< b>Characters/Pairing:< /b>
< b>Rating:< /b>
< strong>Media used/Word Count:< /strong>
< b>Warnings:< /b>
< b>AN< /b>:

If You are posting more than 4 icons, please use a LJ-CUT.


* fandomaddmes

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