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Graphics: Icons: Various

*David Cook
*Harry Potter (OotP and HBP, Emma Watson)
*Incredible Hulk
*Iron Man
*James McaVoy
*Joseph Gordon Levitt ( Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Episode: The Secret)
*Joseph Gordon Levitt (General)

*Comments Are love!
*Credit to sweet_lemmon.
*Feel Free to Join wordsandcolors

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Graphics: Icons: Movies (The LookOut)

*Joseph Gordon-Levitt: The LookOut

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*sweetie_art is my ArtWork Journal
*sweet_fics is my FanFic Journal
Title: Illustration: The Cat’s Smile
Artist: sweet_lemmon
Characters: Alice, the Cheshire Cat
Media used: Colored Pencils
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Notes: it is my Alice in The Wonderland Illustration. The very first one. Lke I said on my WIP/Lineart (it’s on Scraps: HERE
), this was never a fav book- but it is a good source/inspiration for illustrations- and I like the cat.

I might do another illustration from this book.

I growl when I'm pleased, and wag my tail when I'm angry. Therefore I'm mad.

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Graphics: Icons (Multifandom)

-Harry Potter (movies , cover art, H/Hr, two are not Ginny friendly):(1-23)
- House (24-41)
- Supernatural (42-55)
- Bram Stoker’s Dracula (NWS)- (61-65)
- Stock: landscapes, drinks, food, people, couples, arts (some NWS) (56-60, 66-95)
- Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Marilyn Monroe, -Jake Gyllenhall (96-100)

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Graphics: Icons (Multifandom)

* Jake Gyllenhaall: 1- 10
* Joseph Gordon Levitt: 11- 35
*Gosford Park: 36-50
*Atonement: 51-55
* House : 56-63
* Doctor Who (Tenth Doctor): 64-69

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“Genius”, (Original Artwork, G)

Title: Genius
author/artist : sweet_lemmon
Fandom: Original Art
Rating: G
Media used/Word Count:
Warnings: None


CLICK HERE to see bigger.
Title: Fantastic!
Artist: sweet_lemmon
Fandom: Dr. Who
'Characters' (sorta of): The Tardis
Media used: Colored Pencils and PS (for the background)
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Notes: My very first Dr. Who art :P.

First things first, but not necessarily in that order

"Nau" (Original Artwork, G)

Title: Nau
author/artist : sweet_lemmon
Fandom: Original Artwork
Characters/Pairing: ---
Rating: G
Media used/Word Count:: Watercolors, Pen, and Markers on Acid Free Paper
Warnings: None


Nau @ sweetie_art

Art: "Childhood" (Original Artwork, G)

Title: Childhood
author/artist : sweet_lemmon
Chapter: ----
Genre: Gen
Fandom: Original Artwork
Characters/Pairing: ---
Rating: G
Media used/Word Count:: Plastic Ink on Canson
Warnings: None

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